CFO Magazine: Closing the Confidence Gap in Sustainability Data

18 Oct 2017 4:02 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

This recent article explains the growing need for reliable sustainability information

In a March 2017 State Street study, 92% of institutional investors revealed they want companies to explicitly identify ESG factors that materially impact performance.

Thousands of companies around the world have responded to this investor demand by issuing “sustainability,” “corporate social responsibility,” and “integrated” reports. In some jurisdictions, companies are now required to or are voluntarily providing varying degrees of information on ESG and other sustainability matters in statutory filings.

Yet, additional recent surveys have also revealed a gap in confidence among investors in both the relevance and reliability of the sustainability information reported by companies.

The article includes a link to a new paper by Robert H. Herz, Brad J. Monterio and Jeffrey C. Thomson called, Leveraging the COSO Internal Control—Integrated Framework to Improve Confidence in Sustainability Data.

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