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  • 13 May 2020 12:13 PM | Paul Thompson
    COVID-19 will have a permanent impact on the way businesses think and communicate about human, social and manufactured capital as well. Read more here https://www.accountingtoday.com/opinion/the-challenges-for-corporate-reporting-after-covid-19

  • 14 Feb 2020 2:09 PM | Paul Thompson

    EFRAG publishes a literature review on intangibles as part of its research project on better information on intangibles. Read the complete news

  • 11 Feb 2020 11:28 AM | Paul Thompson

    IFAC hosts a collection of resources on its Global Knowledge Gateway here - https://www.ifac.org/knowledge-gateway/integrated-reporting-pao-network

  • 10 Feb 2020 8:32 PM | Elizabeth Castillo (Administrator)

    WEF recently released this report outlining recommended metrics for a common  ESG reporting framework. https://www.weforum.org/whitepapers/toward-common-metrics-and-consistent-reporting-of-sustainable-value-creation

  • 17 Sep 2019 3:33 PM | Paul Thompson

    The slides and recording from the webinar 'SMEs and Integrated Reporting’ held on 17 September 2019 can be accessed here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/5985903331413646086

    IFAC welcomes sharing this recording with colleagues in your organization who may find it of interest. 

    The webinar was focused on integrated reporting for small and medium sized entities (SMEs), exploring the benefits for SMEs, guidance on implementation, and case study examples, with excellent presentations from:

    • Matteo Pozzoli, member of IFAC's Small and Medium Practices Committee, who shared IFAC's perspective on the benefits of integrated thinking and reporting for SMEs
    • Prof. Stefano Zambon, Secretary General, OIBR and the University of Ferrara, who gave an overview of the work of the Italian Network for Business Reporting (NIBR), and the transformation of this network into the recently established Italian Foundation for Business Reporting (OIBR)
    • Dr. Laura Girella, IIRC Technical and Research Manager, who provided an overview of implementation guidance from the NIBR/OIBR and the WICI Global Network.

    The implementation guidance was illustrated by 2 case studies:

    (1) Stafer presented by Andrea Ragazzini, Chief Value Officer

    (2) Dellas presented by Marco Pasquotti, Group CFO, Dellas and Chairman, Italian CFOs Association (ANDAF) North-Eastern Section.

    Useful links

    • Integrated Reporting for SMEs: Implementation Guidance - Consistent with the International <IR> Framework, this guidance explains the principles of integrated reporting and thinking through the lenses of an SME, providing also a road-map to integrated reporting as well as suggested KPIs and KRIs that can be usefully adopted.
    • Creating Value for SMEs through Integrated Thinking - This publication from IFAC and the International Integrated Reporting Council aims to help small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs), including non-profits, adopt integrated reporting and realize its benefits. It can also help users understand the benefits of using the International Integrated Reporting Framework, including the flexibility of its principles-based structure and approach.

  • 15 Sep 2019 9:06 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    Bob Eccles has published a post at Forbes.com entitled: The Statement Of Purpose And What You Need To Do. He sees this as a simple way to ensure that a focus on long-term success gets the attention it deserves:  

    The time has come to put this idea into practice. Our proposition is a simple one. The board of a company should publish an annual one-to-two page “Statement of Purpose” that clearly articulates the company’s purpose to profitably achieve a solution for society. It specifies within that purpose the few stakeholders most critical to long-term value creation and sustainability. While many, if not most, companies have mission and vision statements, almost none of them are signed by the board of directors. 

    Read more

  • 20 Aug 2019 8:37 AM | Paul Thompson

    In this New York Times article chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argue that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers.

  • 16 Aug 2019 9:12 PM | Elizabeth Castillo (Administrator)

    In this interview with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, I outline the strategic benefits of Integrated Reporting and thinking. https://chamberbusinessnews.com/2019/08/16/social-accounting-offers-more-transparency-greater-investor-confidence/

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