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  • 27 Mar 2019 5:00 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    This is an thorough interview getting an update on many fronts from the CEO of the IIRC, Richard Howitt:

    He describes how the adoption of integrated reporting is building momentum across the globe; explains the differences between the IIRC, SASB, and GRI; and speculates about where integrated reporting is headed and young professionals’ role in shaping its future. The following is an edited transcript of the editors’ conversation with Howitt.


  • 18 Mar 2019 2:00 PM | Elizabeth Castillo (Administrator)

    JLL's recently issued 10K includes Integrated Reporting. Here are my favorite parts: 

    * Table of capitals, p. 27

    * Cross listing of IR framework elements with 10K content, p. 149

    * Value creation model, p. 15  &  Strategy, p. 17

  • 14 Mar 2019 5:06 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    Past community guest Hillary Young has a great piece on Medium entitled Why Etsy Is Integrating Our Sustainability Reporting With Our Financial Reporting:

    As we continue to integrate impact into the heart of our business, we saw an opportunity to change our reporting to reflect this deeper integration. So now, we have just one report.

    She cites three key reasons behind the company has made this move. Read the article

  • 13 Mar 2019 10:57 AM | Brad Monterio

    Continuing along with a trend, albeit slowly moving, to require issuers to disclose information beyond their financials, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines just announced their requirement for listed companies to issue sustainability reports by 2020.  More here.

  • 6 Mar 2019 10:38 AM | Brad Monterio

    IIRC's Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD) referenced in this article on UN SDGs.  Click here.

  • 5 Mar 2019 8:52 PM | Elizabeth Castillo (Administrator)

    Over 100 people from North America attended Bob’s talk on investor-focused reporting at the GRI summit held February 25th in Tempe, AZ. With Laura Nelson from the Antea Group and Sonal Dalal from SASB, the panel explained the growing demand for ESG information and the importance of integrated messaging. 

    Bob described how Integrated Reporting is an adaptable reporting tool that aligns strategic thinking, planning, and reporting. Besides improving management decision making, it also gives investors information they need to understand in a holistic way how the companies they invest in create value. He explained IR’s guiding principles of strategic focus & future orientation, connectivity of information, stakeholder relationships, materiality, conciseness, and reliability and completeness among others. He noted that while policy momentum has been lacking in the United States, IR is becoming widely adopted in Japan and the United Kingdom due to government policy recommendations there. He closed by sharing exemplars of best practices in Integrated Reporting, specifically reviewing SAP’s 2017 report and encouraging audience members to check out Intel’s upcoming 2018 report which devotes a page to each type of capital in the IR framework.

  • 1 Mar 2019 4:52 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    This new paper describes the challenge facing companies today:

    The Issue — Fragmented Reporting: The many mandatory and voluntary disclosures companies make today have evolved piecemeal over the years without the benefit of an overall framework to connect them. The result is a mosaic of information from which it can be difficult to discern the full scope of factors that drive and explain a company’s performance and illuminate its future prospects for value creation.

    The answer? Integrated reporting! Read the paper here

  • 13 Feb 2019 11:51 AM | Brad Monterio

    If you haven't seen it already, Novo Nordisk just released their 2018 integrated annual report.  Read the full report here (English version).

  • 11 Feb 2019 4:54 PM | Brad Monterio

    This is a link to a piece written by Professor Robert Eccles who many of you may know, and Graham Macmillan, that talks about a range of issues related to investor information needs through the lens of SDGs and sustainable investing.  Integrated reporting is referenced in the article as well.  Read the full article here.

  • 11 Feb 2019 4:44 PM | Brad Monterio

    This article, "Counting What Counts: Why Social Accounting Matters," was published online today by Nonprofit Quarterly and talks about what it calls an emerging field of "social accounting."  The article goes on to reference both GRI and the IIRC frameworks, and discusses the "octopus" diagram from the IIRC framework guidance materials.  It also has a section on how integrated reporting can help your organization.  The full text can be read here: https://nonprofitquarterly.org/2019/02/11/counting-what-counts-why-social-accounting-matters/.

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