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We generally meet virtually each month to learn from each other about integrated thinking, reporting and management.  You can catch up on our past programs by reading highlights and videos of past programs or viewing video excerpts on our YouTube Channel.

Know of additional events that would be of interest to our Community? Please let us know!

Check back soon for new events!

Past events

7 Feb 2024 Integrated Performance Management - Integrated Thinking in Action
7 Nov 2023 Integrated Thinking Spotlight: Jenna Moore on CECP's Integrated Long-Term Plan Framework
26 Jul 2023 The Way Forward for Integrated Thinking and Reporting
20 Jun 2023 Partner event: INTEGRATE 2023
19 Jun 2023 Integrated Reporting U.S. Community Meetup
15 Mar 2023 Update on AEP Integrated Reporting Journey
15 Dec 2022 Integrated Reporting and Thinking in the Middle Market
1 Nov 2022 Integrated Reporting and Thinking - View from the accounting world
29 Sep 2022 Integrated Thinking - Lessons from an award-winning course
4 Aug 2022 Integrated Reporting Practices: The AT&T Experience
16 Jun 2022 ISSB General Requirement Draft: Add your voice
19 Apr 2022 Integrated Reporting Practices: The Clorox Experience
10 Mar 2022 Integrated Reporting: Where to Now?
13 Oct 2021 Global Summit of Integrated Reporting Communities
13 Jan 2021 Integrated Reporting Community Forum
24 Jun 2020 US Focus Group on Revision of the IIRC Framework
14 Apr 2020 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Pirelli
10 Mar 2020 Integrated Thinking Conversation: The State of Play
11 Feb 2020 Integrated Thinking Conversation: Middle Market Stories
14 Jan 2020 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Linde plc
5 Dec 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Indiana Society of CPA's
14 Nov 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Report from the IIRC International Council Meeting
6 Nov 2019 Columbia Sustainable Finance Professionals Network: An Introduction to Integrated Reporting
5 Nov 2019 In person and on line: Academic Research and University Curricula on Integrated Reporting
15 Oct 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation: The Emergence of Integrated Reporting
19 Sep 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Travelers
20 Aug 2019 Web Conversation: Intel Corporation's Latest 10-K
22 May 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation on Assurance
9 May 2019 Bob Laux and Barry Meloncon at SILC
2 May 2019 Bob Laux at Baruch Annual Financial Reporting Conference
29 Apr 2019 Corporate Reporting Dialogue's Better Alignment Project
5 Apr 2019 ISOS Integrated Reporting Training
20 Mar 2019 Corporate Reporting Dialogue: Have your say toward better alignment
13 Mar 2019 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Clorox
25 Feb 2019 Bob Laux on panel at GRI Reporters' Summit
19 Feb 2019 Mary Adams at Intel and IMA Valley of the Sun
12 Dec 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: AICPA
14 Nov 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Coca-Cola
3 Oct 2018 New Research on Integrated Reporting Quality
12 Sep 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Etsy Inc.
17 Jul 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: The Diversity of the U.S. Experience
13 Jun 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Intel Corporation
9 May 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: ArcelorMittal United States
23 Apr 2018 Roundtable discussion on corporate reporting and the UN sustainable development goals
11 Apr 2018 Mike Krzus on an experimental integrated report for ExxonMobil
28 Mar 2018 Virtual Town Hall with Richard Howitt and Bob Laux
28 Mar 2018 Integrated Reporting U.S. Community - Boston Luncheon
7 Feb 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Jones Lang Lasalle
10 Jan 2018 Integrated Reporting Conversation: An Investor View
13 Dec 2017 Integrated Reporting Conversation: Prudential Financial
8 Nov 2017 Inaugural Integrated Reporting U.S. Spotlight: AEP




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